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Oct 31, 2012



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Running Accomplishments:

21:01, (6:46 pace) 11-19-11.
20:08, (6:29 pace) 9-1-12 (Part of a Mini-Triathlon Relay).
19:17, (6:12 pace) 11-17-12.
19:19, (6:13 pace) 11-23-13.
19:30, (6:17 pace) 1-4-14.
20:34, (6:34 pace) 9-13-14
19:49, (6:23 pace) 10-25-14
19:32, (6:17 pace) 11-22-14
19:40, (6:19 pace) 12-19-14
19:49, (6:23 pace) 1-31-16

34:42, (6:57 pace) 3-17-12.
32:11, (6:28 pace) 3-16-13.
32:32, (6:33 pace) 3-15-14. 

34:00, (6:50 pace) 3-14-15.

33:09, (6:40 pace) 3-11-17.

32:56, (6:38 pace) 3-17-18.

44:18, (7:08 pace) 4-14-12.
41:22, (6:39 pace) 12-15-12.
42:11, (6:47 pace) 4-13-13.
41:06, (6:37 pace) 12-8-13.

42:03, (6:46 pace) 3-5-16

44:35, (7:11 pace) 8-26-17
53:53, (7:14 pace) 3-24-12.
49:20, (6:37 pace) 3-1-14
1:18:16, (8:24 pace) 2-26-11.

1:04:37. (6:56 pace) 2-20-16
12 marathons:
1.  4:12:08, (9:37 pace) 1-9-11. Disney.
2.  4:18:18, (9:51 pace) 10-30-11. MCM.
3.  3:42:26, (8:29 pace) 1-14-12. Charleston.
4.  3:13:15, (7:22 pace) 10-7-12. Steamtown.
5*.  3:12:26, (7:20 pace) 1-19-14. Louisiana.
6*.  3:14:06, (7:24 pace) 4-21-14. Boston.
7*.  3:19:38, (7:37 pace) 7-19-14. U. of Okoboji.
8*.  3:16:27, (7:30 pace) 2-22-15. Mercedes-Benz
9*. 3:30:38 (8:03 pace) 5-15-16 Sugarloaf

10. 3:24:21 (7:48 pace) 11-5-16 Savannah RNR

11. 3:27:37 (7:56 pace) 5-12-18 Brookings

12. 3:46:02 (8:48 pace) 10-7-18 Towpath

* = These 5 races were run at 67.9 seconds per pound. If I want a PR, I need to weigh less than 170 pounds.

Short-Term Running Goals:

2019 GOALS:

Bring running fast back.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Continue running as often as I can, as far as I can, as fast as I can. Teaching my kids (by example) the rewards that come from putting in the work. Very slowly get to 50 states.


I'm married, with two sons, 12, and 14.

I started running because someone dared me to.

I ran my first race 3 days after my 40th birthday. (Disney)

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 7.75 Month: 56.25 Year: 915.51
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.... The continuing story of tom k's Park City family vacation..... Snowboarding in Park City with my brother and boy #1 today. Boy #2 is still pretty bummed out. Spouse and boy #2 toured the Olympic sruff in Park City and a couple of other things. Boy #1 ia very frustrated he doesn't have this snowboard thing wired yet. It is day 2, after all! It's going to take more than 2 days, kid.

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5.6 miles in Midway, Utah. 7 am start. 27 degrees. I HAD to do a run here to see what all the fuss is about. How is this different than home?

Elevation - I didn't notice it that much during the run, to be honest.

Hills - Those we really noticeable and I didn't even run a hilly route.

Dry air - super obvious. I got back "home" and started wheeze-coughing for a few minutes.

Wildlife - I saw 3 deer and a flock of geese. That was crazy. People - I got honked at by a dude driving a range rover.

Temps - It was cold, by human standards. I had gloves, hat, and a long sleeve shirt, but I ran in shorts.

I guess I should have run a trail, or in snow, or something more Utah-ey, bu this will have to do.

Then we went to Soldier Hollow, the biathlon Olympic Village. And we found out that the tubing in snow is out. We missed it by one day. But the kids made a snowman, so that was cool. We also missed the Ice Castles by one day. We also wanted to swim in the 96-degree water at the Homestead Crater in Midway, but we found the scheduling to be too complicated / limiting. Plus now that Johnny has a broken arm, he couldn't go anyway.

Tommy, Andy, and I finished the day by Night snowboarding in Brighton. As soon as the sun got behind the mountain the temperature dropped like crazy. Tommy was so frustrated by this point they told me he hated snowboarding.

This trip is going great.

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We salvaged the Utah vacation today!

Back at Park City for snowboarding for just me and Tommy. Spouse took Johnny and Andy to the airport so Andy could fly home. Then she took Johnny on a snowmobile tour that they both came back totally fired up about. I mean, really excited. It was good that he had something like this, since snowboarding is out for him.

Something clicked for Tommy on the slopes today. In less than 24 hours we have gone from hating snowboarding to wanting to move to Utah. He was pretty proud of the fact that we made it from one side of Park City all the way to the other side of the resort in one day by just snowboarding down and taking lifts up. And to end the day by snowboarding across the bridge downtown with his hands in the air and yelling was pretty huge!

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Tom K's vacation report. Last day. We fly out super early tomorrow.

Spouse took Johnny hiking for an extended period of time. Then they went to Donut Falls. And Johnny got to slide down a big ice shoot for like 30 yards. The pictures look really cool.

Tommy and I went back to Park City for our last day of snowboarding. This is day five for him. So I spent the entire day chasing him down the mountain and barely keeping up. I mean, he's got it. We went on some great runs. He had 6 falls, total, for the day. Earlier this week, he had 8 falls on one run. 

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SLC - TPA. 6 am. What a vacation. The only thing my kids missed on this trip was snowfall! I wish they could have seen that. The snow report says they got 4" snow Thursday night. We missed it by one day.

Back to the soup. Ah, sweet humidity, how I've missed you! I'm glad I don't go back to work until Monday. The time zone thing really has me twisted. We'll see about running Friday, I guess. 

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4 on the trails. 10 a.m. start. 67 degrees and humid. It's been a while so I wanted to take it easy today to see where I'm at. Snowboarding tweaks you in some unusual places. I'm really feeling it on the outside of the hip and on the groin side. The action of pushing off back to the lift with one foot strapped in a snowboard is not good for runners I think.

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