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Member Since:

Oct 31, 2012



Goal Type:


Running Accomplishments:

21:01, (6:46 pace) 11-19-11.
20:08, (6:29 pace) 9-1-12 (Part of a Mini-Triathlon Relay).
19:17, (6:12 pace) 11-17-12.
19:19, (6:13 pace) 11-23-13.
19:30, (6:17 pace) 1-4-14.
20:34, (6:34 pace) 9-13-14
19:49, (6:23 pace) 10-25-14
19:32, (6:17 pace) 11-22-14
19:40, (6:19 pace) 12-19-14
19:49, (6:23 pace) 1-31-16

34:42, (6:57 pace) 3-17-12.
32:11, (6:28 pace) 3-16-13.
32:32, (6:33 pace) 3-15-14. 

34:00, (6:50 pace) 3-14-15.

33:09, (6:40 pace) 3-11-17.

32:56, (6:38 pace) 3-17-18.

44:18, (7:08 pace) 4-14-12.
41:22, (6:39 pace) 12-15-12.
42:11, (6:47 pace) 4-13-13.
41:06, (6:37 pace) 12-8-13.

42:03, (6:46 pace) 3-5-16

44:35, (7:11 pace) 8-26-17
53:53, (7:14 pace) 3-24-12.
49:20, (6:37 pace) 3-1-14
1:18:16, (8:24 pace) 2-26-11.

1:04:37. (6:56 pace) 2-20-16
12 marathons:
1.  4:12:08, (9:37 pace) 1-9-11. Disney.
2.  4:18:18, (9:51 pace) 10-30-11. MCM.
3.  3:42:26, (8:29 pace) 1-14-12. Charleston.
4.  3:13:15, (7:22 pace) 10-7-12. Steamtown.
5*.  3:12:26, (7:20 pace) 1-19-14. Louisiana.
6*.  3:14:06, (7:24 pace) 4-21-14. Boston.
7*.  3:19:38, (7:37 pace) 7-19-14. U. of Okoboji.
8*.  3:16:27, (7:30 pace) 2-22-15. Mercedes-Benz
9*. 3:30:38 (8:03 pace) 5-15-16 Sugarloaf

10. 3:24:21 (7:48 pace) 11-5-16 Savannah RNR

11. 3:27:37 (7:56 pace) 5-12-18 Brookings

12. 3:46:02 (8:48 pace) 10-7-18 Towpath

* = These 5 races were run at 67.9 seconds per pound. If I want a PR, I need to weigh less than 170 pounds.

Short-Term Running Goals:

2019 GOALS:

Bring running fast back.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Continue running as often as I can, as far as I can, as fast as I can. Teaching my kids (by example) the rewards that come from putting in the work. Very slowly get to 50 states.


I'm married, with two sons, 12, and 14.

I started running because someone dared me to.

I ran my first race 3 days after my 40th birthday. (Disney)

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 7.75 Month: 56.25 Year: 915.51
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Weight: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

I thought I was getting sick this weekend, so I took a couple of days off. And I moved a boat from Fruit Cove to Venice. It turns out that I may still be getting sick, but the onramp to this illness is the slowest moving thing ever. So, in the meantime, I will continue to run. 

am: 5.5 miles. hood route. 

@ lunch time: 3.25 miles around Rothenbach Park. We are looking to set up a fundraising 5k. Someone had the idea to use this park that I have never visited as the race course. So we met out there with a county official, and then I ran around the park. I think I found a good course. Running through Oak hammoock is very scenic, and shady. The race will have to be capped at 100 participants, though. We'll see. 

Weight: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

5.5 miles. hood route. 

Weight: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

7.5 miles. Intersection of Pinebrook Road and Pinebrook Way to Laurel Road to entrance to Legacy Trail. Turn around. Back down Laurel Road to Albee Farm Road to Edmonson Road to Pinebrook Road to the intersection of Pinebrook Road and Pinebrook Way. (Hood route). 

6 am start. 72 degrees. 1:06:10. 8:49 pace. 

Tonight is the last practice for Johnny's basketball team. That means the second half of the practice is kids vs. parents scrimmage. I plan on fouling out. 

This weekend, we have 3 soccer games, 1 (last of the season) basketball game, 1 chorus performance, and a visiting mother in law. Time to run is going to be tough to find. 

Weight: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

5.5 miles. Hood. When I am behind on weekly miles, like I am this week, I need to fight the urge to try to make them all up in one day. I need to accept the fact that 50 is not going to happen this week. Because if I try to cram them all in the next 30 something hours, I will (at worst) injure myself, or (at least) mess up next week's mileage. I lost the battle this week, plain and simple. 

The parents won at basketball last night. We have a distinct rebounding advantage over the 11 year olds. Also, I learned that dribbling a basketball, while keeping your head up to look for the open pass, while a guy is on you, and you are running, is, like, super tough.

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7.5 miles hood route in the fog. Then boy #1 soccer game in Englewood. They lost 2-1. Then boy #2 basketball. They lost again, but he handled it well. The only basketball game they won this season was the first one. He really wanted to win today, but no such luck. Then boy #1 soccer game 2. They won 4-0. Game #3 tomorrow. It is super early, so if I'm running tomorrow, it will be noon time, because both boys are singing in a concert tomorrow night.

Sometimes it's really boring around here.

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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Weight: 0.00
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